Playing guitar is fun, but teaching is also a business. Please understand that it is my livelihood and cancellations greatly affect my income. If you are interested in becoming a student, please take the time to download and read through my lesson policies. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy


*Students are asked to give notice of cancellation 24 hours in advance of their scheduled time slot. If notice is not received, the student will be charged $25 for a half hour and $50 for an hour. I understand illness and family emergencies are not always foreseeable and in those cases, I can offer you credit towards a make-up lesson. All missed lessons must be made up within 30 days and only four make-ups will be allowed per year. Make-up lessons are dependent on my schedule and availability. 


*If proper notice is provided, a make-up lesson can be scheduled. Students can call or text me at 845-399-2247 or email me at to make arrangements to do so. All missed lessons must be made up within 30 days.


* If a student misses a lesson without notifying me, a “no show,” the student will forfeit the lesson and no make up will be provided. Any student who misses two consecutive lessons without notifying me will be assumed to have quit and will be dropped from my schedule. 


*If I need to miss a lesson, I will notify you as soon as possible. If you paid in advance, I will provide a make-up lesson or credit your account. 


*Students who are more than 5 minutes late for their lesson will not get their full time. Most lessons are scheduled back to back and my schedule is full. Your lesson will end when it is time for the next student’s to begin. If your lesson starts late because my schedule is running behind, you WILL get your full time. 


*In the event of bad weather, call or text me at 845-399-2247 to see if lessons are still on. Lessons may be canceled during snow storms, depending on the severity. I don’t operate on the school’s schedule. School may let out early due to the threat of snow, but I will continue to do lessons, as long as the roads are still drivable. I prefer to take a “wait and see” approach to bad weather.


*I do not operate on the school’s schedule of holidays and breaks. I only stop lessons for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Labor Day.  All other holidays, such as Columbus Day, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, etc., I operate on my regular schedule. If you plan to take any of those holidays off, please give me notice. Do not assume that because school is out, that lessons are off. 


*If you plan to take a vacation or break during the Summer months, please let me know in advance, so I can plan around it. 


*As your teacher, I am committed to working hard and doing my best to help you achieve your goals. Please respect my policies and understand that as much fun as music is, it is also how I make my living.


Download the policy below

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